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The Hottest New Trend in Subscription Boxes: Asian Beauty Boxes

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If you love to get surprises in the mail, subscription boxes are a natural fit for you. You simply pay the monthly fee (most boxes deduct it automatically each month from your credit or debit card) and in exchange you get a box of goodies in the mail around the same time each month. Although the original subscription boxes were focused on beauty product samples from the US, the field has greatly expanded today. You can now get subscription boxes filled with home decor items, art supplies, gourmet foods, fishing tackle, fitness gear, or nearly anything else you can imagine. However, one kind of subscription box that is emerging as the hottest new trend in boxes today. Read on to learn about the Asian beauty box, today's must-have subscription box.

The Origin of the Asian Beauty Box

Asian countries are well known for their skincare and makeup breakthroughs, and in recent years Americans have started to embrace these technologies. For example, BB cream, a product that acts a foundation, a moisturizer, and a concealer, is now a much-loved product in the United States. However, only a decade ago it was almost unknown here. Many women in the U.S. want to learn more about Asian beauty products, and to meet that need there are now several subscription boxes devoted exclusively to Asian products.

Where do the Products Come From?

Most products in the Asian beauty boxes tend to come from Korea. Korean beauty products have become so popular that they've earned their own nickname in the U.S.: K-beauty. You may also find products from China and India in the boxes. Products from Japan also make frequent appearances in Asian beauty boxes.

What Type of Products Can You Expect in Your Asian Beauty Box?

Products in Asian beauty boxes are generally very skincare focused. Some common products are

  • Serums
  • Face masks
  • Night creams
  • Day creams

Makeup products like BB creams and lip tints are also included fairly often, although less commonly than skincare items. If you order an Asian beauty box, keep in mind that you may end up with some products that are designed for purposes that may not be right for you. For example, in Asian countries, skin-whitening products are very popular. In the U.S., it may be more common to darken skin with products like bronzers.

If you want to get in on both the hottest new subscription box trend and the newest beauty breakthroughs, the best subscription boxes for Asian beauty may be the perfect choice for you. You can enjoy the surprise of new items each month and become more beautiful at the same time!