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Baby Clothes Boutique: 3 Tips For Purchasing Clothes For Babies With Eczema

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Eczema starts to show up in babies when they are 3 months old, and looks like a red, inflamed and itchy rash with an outer appearance that is scaly, oozy or even crusty. It's also surprisingly a lot more common than you'd think, as it affects about 10% of all babies. Almost anything can set off eczema, as long as the skin is irritated. This is why parents will need to very careful even when choosing baby clothes. Their clothes can easily become irritants if you are not careful. Here are 3 tips to consider.

Opt for Clothes Made from 100% Cotton

Cotton is the best fabric for babies with sensitive skin, so only shop at boutiques that carry clothes that are made from 100% cotton. Make sure to avoid cotton blends that are filled with synthetics like rayon, polyester and even polypropylene. Cotton does not contain any irritants or harsh chemicals that may stimulate a reaction, and it is also extremely breathable to allow for proper air circulation. It's gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic.

Remove the Tags and Labels

After checking the tags and labels to confirm the type of materials that are present in the clothes and for instruction on how to wash the clothes, it's time to snip them off. Some baby clothes boutiques carry clothing that do not have any tags or labels on them. The friction of tags and labels rubbing on their skin can cause eczema breakouts in many babies. It's generally best to purchase clothing without tags and labels because you can't always snip everything off. It's easy to leave bits and pieces of parts of a tag or a label on the clothing, which may stick out and irritate your baby as it crawls or moves around.

Wash All New Clothes

Although you might be tempted to put on new clothes on your baby immediately, try to refrain from doing so. It's easy for clothes to come into contact with chemicals during the shipping process or when it is in storage. In addition, dirt and dust particles may accumulate on the clothes. Wash all new clothes with mild detergents before putting them on your baby just in case there may be any irritants present on the surface that could set off a reaction.


There is plenty of cute clothing available for both boys and girls through online boutiques. These boutiques should give you a good idea as to whether the clothes are designed especially for babies with sensitive skin.