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Three Tips For Protecting Your Commercial Floors

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An important part of a successful business is a quality product or service. However, a well-kept business is equally important. Both existing and potential clients will judge you based on the way your business looks. This statement is true when it comes to every aspect of the building, including the flooring. If you want to project your business in the best light, make sure you know how to protect your flooring to keep it looking its best.  

Add Extra Protection

It's a good idea to incorporate extra protection in certain areas of your business. This can often come in the form of a mat. For example, do you have a drink station in your business? If so, the likelihood of someone spilling a drink in this area is high. Even the most durable of floor surfaces is subject to damage when exposed to high moisture levels.  

Adding a waterproof mat in these areas creates a barrier that prevents moisture from coming in contact with the floor. These mats are also helpful for entrance and exit areas to help protect from moisture from rain and snow.

Perform Daily Touchups

All floors need daily attention. Frequent sweeping and mopping isn't just for high-traffic businesses like restaurants. Take an office building with carpet, for example. During the winter, the entrance walkway is treated with ice melt. When employees track this in on the bottom of their shoes and the ice melt settles into the carpet, it destroys carpet fibers and causes stains. Regular vacuuming prevents the ice melt from settling into the carpet and causing damage. 

Daily attention is important for all floor types. Close each day cleaning your floors

Use The Right Equipment

Use the right type of equipment to clean your flooring. Don't assume you can use any type of broom, vacuum or floor cleaner ā€“ you need commercial grade equipment. Commercial grade equipment covers a wider area, has a larger capacity and is inherently more powerful than equipment meant for residential use.

Given the increased traffic level within your business, this extra power is essential. If you're unable to investment in commercial grade cleaning equipment, look up a local commercial rental equipment company. Air vacuums, scrubbers and polishers are just some of the equipment options generally available for rent from such companies.

The more effort you put into protecting your floors, not only the better they will look, but also the better the representation of your business you display.