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Giving Potted Plants As Gifts

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Live plants are a great gift for a variety of occasions including birthdays and holidays. These gifts are great because they keep on giving long after the special day is over. However, there are some considerations when giving a live plant as a gift. Giving a live plant as a gift shouldn't add a burden to your recipient if they don't have the time or knowledge for more sensitive plants. If you are considering a live plant as a gift but aren't sure about the recipient's skill level, here are some suggestions. 

Edible herbs:

If you know the recipient likes to cook, then try giving them a plant that they can grow and use in their cooking. Many herbs are easy to grow in small, decorative containers. Some herbs will continue to grow year after year, but others can only be grown and harvested once. If a live plant doesn't suit your needs, there are many herb-growing kits available so that the recipient can start their own herb garden when they're ready.

Durable succulents:

Most succulents are durable and can usually miss a few waterings without a problem. These plants are also slow-growing, so there's little need for constant trimmings. Many succulents also work well with decorative planters. Their overall durability makes them a great gift for people who often forget to water their plants or are constantly on the go and can't always pay attention to them. Many of these types of plants will also bloom in the right conditions. Some succulents, such as aloe, also provide an added benefit of having a practical use.

Easy-to-care-for flowers:

If you feel your recipient would appreciate flowers more than other types of plants, then there are some flowers that will bloom without very much additional care other than providing water and the sun. Flowering plants like streptocarpus, poinsettia, and  phalaenopsis orchid are all plants that not only add color to the house or office, but they are also easy to maintain and difficult to kill. Some flowering house plants also don't require a lot of light, so they can be placed almost anywhere in the room. Other popular choices include Easter lilies, begonias and even chamomile in which parts of it can be made into a tea.

When giving potted plants as gifts, be sure to choose a nice pot as an additional gift that can be reused if needed. If you don't wish to give a pot as a gift, then make sure to have the florist prepare and wrap your plant in an interesting way before giving it away. For more potted plant ideas, ask the florist (such as one from Bouquet Flower Shop) for more recommendations specific to your needs.