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6 Unique Gift Ideas For The Visually Challenged Youngster

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Shopping for a child with low vision doesn't have to be a challenge. With so many toys and learning tools on the market, your special needs child can have fun while learning and developing fine motor skills at the same time. Rather than choosing something unoriginal like wooden blocks and puzzles, why not offer something more creative? Whether your special occasion is a birthday, holiday or just to show you care, here are 6 unique gift ideas for your the visually impaired child in your life:

1. Braille Label Maker

This gift may require assistance from parents, but it is a useful tool for simplifying and organizing. With a Braille label maker, parents (and older kids, too) can create labels for toys, lunchboxes and belongings. This will make it so much easier for the child to identify his or her things, as labels are printed in Braille.

2. Musical Keyboard Mat

This is ideal for a young child. It's a mat that is placed on the floor. By stepping on the "keys," musical sounds are played. It will help the visually impaired child develop coordination and memory skills. It's basically an interactive musical memory game with several pre-programmed tunes many children will recognize.

3. Musical Sit and Spin Toy

This toy has stood the test of time, and is designed for toddlers to preschoolers. It's a perfect sensory toy for a vision impaired child and it helps develop balance and coordination. Basically, the child sits on the base and turns the wheel to begin the spinning action. Kids can change the speed to spin fast or slow. It incorporates several tunes as well.

4. Interactive Riding Horse Toy

This ride-on toy encourages motor skills and tactile perception for the visually impaired child. Children enjoy the various riding activities, such as walk, trot and gallop.

5. Learning Time Clock

Help your little one learn to tell time with this specially designed toy clock. Hands are movable, and the face includes raised dots, each representing a specific number. It will also include a carry handle, making it easy for little hands to grasp.

6. Tactile Braille Learning Doll

Make learning fun with a soft and cuddly rag doll companion. Perfect for the preschooler, this is a large 18 inch doll that actually speaks to the child when buttons are pressed. The buttons are designed to form Braille letters. The doll will come with suggested activities for the vision challenged child.

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