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Surprise Hawaiian Trips: Ways to Surprise a Loved One About a Future Trip

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Planning a trip to Hawaii is a great experience that you can enjoy with your loved one. Before you even get to the tropical island, one of the main things that you can look forward to is surprising them with the plans for the trip. Instead of just showing them a screenshot of plane tickets or something else, you can take things one step further. Purchasing a Hawaiian souvenir is a great way to surprise them about the trip and give them a little piece of the island before you actually arrive. Read through a variety of ways that the souvenirs can be used to celebrate your future trip and create a surprising moment.

The Random Key Chain

One of the more common Hawaiian souvenirs that you can purchase is a key chain. Key chains come in all types of designs including the shape of the islands, different tropical flowers, or Hawaiian themes like hula dancers. Once you purchase a key chain, you can set up a fun surprise for your loved one. When you have access to any set of their keys, you can add the key chain to it. When they notice the new key chain, they will likely ask about it and where it came from. You can then present them with the details of the surprise trip that you have planned.

Hawaiian Calendars

A number of Hawaiian-themed calendars are printed each year. Different designs include Hawaiian volcanoes, beaches, or local life. After purchasing a calendar, you can open it up to the month that you're going on vacation. Using colorful markers, fill in the days that you are going on the vacation with fun drawings and messages. Then you can wrap the calendar back up and give it to your loved one as a gift. When they open the calendar, they can flip through the different months and find the surprise trip written on the inside.

Hawaiian Snacks

The islands on Hawaii are filled with a lot of local foods and treats that can be purchased as souvenirs. You can purchase a variety of these snacks to use as a way to showcase your future vacation. For example, during dinner one night, you can add an Hawaiian snack to the plate. This can be something like Hawaiian Macadamia nuts or Hawaiian jelly. You can explain the origins of the food item and then explain that you'll both be eating a lot more of it on your future trip to the islands.

Planning these fun surprises can help build a lot of anticipation for the trip. Browse retailers like Marue & Gertz Ltd to find the perfect souvenir to surprise your loved one.