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Christmas Parade Floats: Superhero Themed Giveaway & Design Ideas

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Christmas parades are a tradition that has spread all throughout the United States. There are many elements to a parade that can help your floats stand out and become a hit among families in attendance. While it's common for floats to toss out treats and candy, you can take things one step further by adding a superhero theme. Mixing superheroes with the holidays is an awesome way to spread holiday cheer and give kids a fun little gift before the Christmas season arrives. Use this guide to come up with ideas and be fully prepared for an upcoming Christmas parade in your area.

Bulk Superhero Capes

One of the more iconic looks of a superhero is the cape that they wear. Children can feel really heroic if they have a cape of their own to wear for the festivities. You can easily purchase bulk superhero capes from websites like Super-Hero-Capes.com to hand out during a parade. For example, you can purchase a bulk variety pack of colored capes. You can select Christmas-colored themes that includes red, green, and white capes. You also have the option of purchasing bulk licensed capes. These cape designs include superhero logos on the back. Along with traditional superheroes like Batman and Superman, other hero designs include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and various members of the X-Men.

Bulk capes can also be purchased in female designs. These include Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Woman. It's good to have a variety of options for everyone in attendance at the parade.

Superhero Colored Lights

Many parade floats can stand out using holiday lights and decorations. While Christmas lights can help illuminate your float, you can change the color scheme to make it look more like a superhero design. For example, you can choose only blue and red lights to represent the colors of both Spider-Man and Superman. You can use yellow lights to represent heroes like Batman and Wolverine. It's a good idea to choose one main hero and then purchase lights based off of their main colors.

Small Superhero Toys

Tossing out random items is another way you can draw attention during some of the faster parts of the parade. One way to stick to your theme is by purchasing bulk collections of small superhero toys. Sticker collections, plastic rings, or small figurines can all be purchased in bulk collections. This will give you plenty of items to toss out during the duration of the parade. It's a nice little treat that children will enjoy during the holidays.

Adding all of these little items can help contribute to a huge overall theme. Planning ahead will ensure that all of your items arrive on time.