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Consider These Soccer-Related Promotional Products

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If you run a company that is looking to order some promotional products that will appeal to children and adults who are active, it can be worthwhile to think of a specific sport. Once you've identified the sport, you can partner with a company that specializes in branded products and order a variety of products that feature your logo. If you operate your business in an area that has a passionate soccer community, it can make sense to choose some soccer-related promotional products. Here are three examples.

Soccer Balls

Anyone who loves soccer will be excited to receive a soccer ball and use it repeatedly. When the ball has your organization's logo printed in one or more areas around the ball's surface, your brand will remain in the mind of each person who uses the ball. Many promotional product companies can customize soccer balls for different organizations. Soccer balls are often covered in pentagon shapes, commonly appearing in white and black. You can have a dark-colored logo printed on some of the white pentagons or a white logo printed on some of the black pentagons. You might even consider ordering some custom mini soccer balls, which can be a fun option for kids who wish to play indoors.


Youth soccer teams commonly will often use colorful pylons (or cones) for various drills during practices. It's easy to find a promotional product company that can add your brand's name and logo to these pylons, which you might then think of ordering and distributing as a goodwill gesture to a few local youth soccer teams. Coaches will place the pylons on the soccer field before each practice, and will likely think of your brand when they spot your logo. Parents of the players may also see the pylons and notice your logo, which can help to boost their impression of your business.

Water Bottles

Water bottles can be another useful product to customize and hand out to those who play soccer. The large surface area of this bottle gives you lots of space for branding information. For example, you might have your company's name printed along the length of the bottle on one side, with your logo and website appearing on the other side. A bright color of water bottle will help to make it more visible, which means that people will also see your company's name and logo when they look at the bottle.

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