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3 Ways To Use Baseball Lineup Coaching Boards Beyond The Game

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A magnetic baseball and softball lineup coaching board includes easy spots to fill in roaster members and a full layout of the field of to showcase specific positions. The boards provide a lot of active use during an actual baseball game, but coaches can get a lot of use out of the boards beyond the game as well.

Check out some of the more creative ways to use the coaching boards and ways to expand their use beyond just the game.

1. Pre-Game Scenarios

As you prepare for a game, you could use a magnetic board to set your ideal line-up. Choose different positions for players and arrange the potential order of pitchers you want to use. The scenarios help you determine how deep your roster is and what areas you want players to focus on.

You can also use the magnetic board to play around with the batting line-up. Instead of crossing out names or constantly making new lists, you can easily slide and swap magnetic pieces until you complete your full list of batters.

2. Practice Drill Line-Ups

At practice, players will likely split off into separate groups and practice a wide range of drills. Instead of wasting practice time assigning players to different sections, you can make the arrangements ahead of time with a magnetic baseball coaching board.

On the board, you can create different sections and even showcase the area of the field where the player should report to. With the line-ups in place, practice will run smoothly. As players arrive, they will know which section to go to and can get started right away on drills.

3. Tryout Rankings

Early in the season, you may hold tryouts for players on your team. With tryouts, you may want to keep track of players and their skill levels. A magnetic lineup board can help you rank players, remember a player's strongest position, and allow you to sort through the players once the tryouts are complete.

The rankings will keep you organized and allow you to share notes with other coaches as well. Once the tryouts are complete, you can sort through the board and have your best players in mind once you need to choose your roster.

When you shop for magnetic coaching boards, you could find a standalone board or a board that also includes a clipboard. Both options provide you with plenty of options and features to use throughout the baseball season. For more information on magnetic baseball and softball lineup coaching boards, contact a company near you.