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Check These Things When Buying A Used Camping Tent

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Camping can be a fun family activity, but when you start to calculate the total cost of the gear that you'll need to buy, you might be concerned about the expense of getting into this outdoor pastime. One way to lower your costs when you shop for camping equipment is to buy items at a local pawn shop. You'll commonly see a variety of used camping products at this type of retailer, including used tents. A tent typically represents your biggest expense when you shop for camping gear, so it's handy if you can buy a used model. Here are some things to check when you buy a used tent.


One of the simplest ways to assess the condition of a used camping tent is to smell it. While the material will have a slight odor, you don't want to notice any other smells. When a tent owner puts their tent away without allowing it to fully dry, odors of mildew may be present. You certainly don't want to buy a tent that has such issues. Don't be afraid to move the tent material around and take note of what smells are present. If you only smell the material, you can be confident that the tent doesn't have any issues with mildew.


A camping tent has a number of zippers. Not only does it have the primary zipper that allows you to enter and exit the tent, but there may also be zippers around the windows and in other locations. When you shop for a used tent, you want to be confident that each of the zippers works properly. Take your time to move each zipper along its track one or more times, noting how smoothly it operates. A tent in which each of the zippers moves with ease will likely be a good one to buy.


Most camping tents come with a number of accessories, and while you can always buy these things individually, it's ideal if the used tent you buy still has its original accessories. Take note of what comes with the tent. Ideally, you'll want to see things such as a rain cover, pegs, guy wires, and other similar accessories. You should take note of the condition of the accessories. For example, even if the rain cover shows moderate signs of use, it shouldn't have any rips in it. Visit a pawn shop or look online — such as at https://www.mainepawn.net/ — to shop for a used camping tent.